Calamity in Cahoots

At the Mine

Fear having failed, it’s time to get down and dirty with these guys outside the mine.

Yun sees that Quentin is in trouble and circles around behind the guards outside the mine. Quentin spots Yun and tries to keep all the attention on himself. Yun successfully sneaks right up behind the last gunman, silently draws her club, and smashes him over the head. He looks quite stunned, and Yun realizes she’s wielding a Club of Complacency.

A fight ensues with the gunmen, as Todd Carver and Sister Guadalupe come running out of the woods. The gunmen are quickly defeated, but Little Wolf, the Indian brave escapes.

A quick interrogation of the surviving gunman reveals very little, only that he’s a slightly crazy cultist. The mine is full of ghost rock (ie. roca de phantasma), but other than that, we don’t get much info out of the prisoner. We tell him that we’re going to leave him tied to the tree and come back.

Everett in Camp

To learn more about the cultists, Everett wanders through the camp. He sits next to someone to strike up a conversation. They shift away from him, and when he greets them, they look quite surprised and leave him.

Getting frustrated, he finally casts fear on the entire camp. A feeling of dread settles over the camp, but Everett can tell that it didn’t have the desired effect. Slamming his hands on the table in front of him, he stands and casts fear a second time. Again, it fails to scare the camp. Giving up and questioning his faith, Everett wanders toward the outskirts of camp.

Convening at Camp

We all come together back at the camp with Everett. He reports what he found in the camp, and we decide to sneak into one of the tents and try to unlock a locked chest. He attempts the key we took from TC Brady’s desk, and it almost fits but no good. Instead, he pulls out his lock picks to pop the lock.

Inside the chest there are several letters, and Todd and Everett begin browsing through them as someone begins approaching the tent. Yun, who is outside and spots the man approaching, uses her powers to lower his perception.

When the man opens the tent flap, Quentin grabs him and throws him to the ground. Quentin squats down and begins peppering the man with questions. The man gets more and more confused.

Two more men begin approaching the tent, so we decide it’s time to grab the documents and get out of the tent. Yun was spotted as we ran away from the tent.



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