Calamity in Cahoots

Into the Jail

Quentin and Yun get hauled off to jail. On the way, a young deputy cuffs Quentin on the head, and Quentin tries to head butt him in return, but completely fails. Yun kicks Quentin in the butt and tells him to just get along.

To annoy the sheriff and deputy, Quentin begins banging his cuffs against the bars and singing a song:

♫ There once was a man named Bob Daugherty ♫
♫ He called me out in the street and got shot-erty ♫
♫ I got hauled off to jail ♫
♫ For more than eight dollars bail ♫
♫ They won’t take off my chains ♫
♫ So I wrattle their brains ♫
♫ And I start the song over once more… ♫

Todd Carver comes in and bails out Yun for $15, but the murder charges against Quentin mean he has to stay.

Todd heads off to the TC Brady ranch to see if he can follow up on a lead where he thought he saw a dead man watching from the shadows when Quentin fought his duel.

Yun stakes out a position where she can watch the jail. A nun comes up and talks to her, but Yun stays sharp and sees an Indian brave walking down the street, recognizing him as one of the braves they saw earlier at the mine the other day. However, the brave is dressed in a western style, so as to be inconspicuous.

Yun tells the nun, Guadalupe, to watch the jail in case anything happens to Quentin. Yun follows the brave down the street and sees a cellar door has been unlatched. With careless abandon, Yun throws the door open and the last light of sunset filters down the stairs. She creeps into the cellar but doesn’t find anything. So, she creeps back out and smashes the lock with her fancy new club.

Back at the jail, Quentin is served his dinner by the deputy. He gets his cuffs removed, but they also take his cards and other possessions.



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