Calamity in Cahoots

Off the Train and Into the Trees

We stumble into the woods and confront a party of Indian braves. They ambush our party, rushing to engage Yun. Everett responds with a thunderclap, stunning two of them.

Quentin steps forward and casts fear on the braves, showing them a vision of what he saw on the day he deserted. Several of the braves were panicked, but on the other hand, Yun nearly had a heart attack and passed out.

After defeating the braves, another one came crashing through the bushes on horseback, club raised high. Despite his great strength, we managed to kill him very quickly. As his horse started to run away, Everett cast beast friend to bring him back. He turns out to be quite a spirited horse.

We argued for a few minutes about what to do with the horse, but eventually decide we’ll try to break the horse. With Everett using his beast friend spells, Yun tries to break the horse and has some marginal success. We manage to control it enough to have it follow us back to town.

After resting overnight, the next morning dawns. As soon as he steps outside, Quentin is called out to a duel by Bob Daughtery. With witnesses all around, Quentin is unable to use his spells to weasel out of it and is forced to duel. Luckily, he manages to win the duel and kill Bob. Afterward, he defaces Bob’s corpse and shoots him several more times. This brings the sheriff who promptly arrests Quentin and Yun.

Quentin loses it in the street, screaming out, “What does a guy have to do to get disappeared around here? I’m a nice guy, and I’ve spent all this time being rude, and I still haven’t been kidnapped!”



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