Calamity in Cahoots

Posse at the Jail

Talking to the Preacher

Everett goes to speak to the preacher…(I missed what came from here)

The Posse

A group of gunslingers walks into the jail. Without warning, they shoot Deputy Barnes in cold blood. Quentin throws his hands up and surrenders, hoping this is the group of kidnappers they’ve been looking for all this time. He’s led out of the cell to a horse-drawn coach.

Yun grabs her horse and the rest of the gang and heads out after the coach. They can’t all ride on Yun’s horse, so Guadalupe uses her skills to charm Penny, Quentin’s horse.

The Chase

The gang trails the coach at a distance, not giving themselves away. Quentin tries to entertain and chat with his captors.

All of a sudden, a giant tick jumps onto the coach. Quentin tries to warn his captors, but one of them gets grabbed by the tick. Another of the gunslingers kicks the hapless tick’s victim out the door. It turns out his name is Frank.

The Camp

Quentin and his captors roll up to the camp. There are roughly 20 people finishing up their work for their evening and are congregating in a cleared circle at the center of the camp.

In the darkness, Yun and Guadalupe sneak into the camp to observe, spot Quentin, then sneak back out.

Quentin is taken to the center of the camp, where he watches a fight. The winner leaves the ring, but the loser walks in a spiral to the center, and drinks from a gourd and lays down. Everyone disperses and walks away.

Yun sneaks further in, specifically to the man in the center of the fighting pit. He doesn’t appear to be breathing. She sniffs the vessel he drank from and it doesn’t smell like anything. However, the vessel has the same spiral as the Indian brave’s club and the key found at TC Brady’s ranch. Yun grabs the bottle before she leaves camp.

The next morning, Quentin is taken north out of the camp along with 3 gunmen.



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