Calamity in Cahoots

Tick in the Gullet

Quentin runs to Yun, begging her to use her special Chinese powers to get the tick out of him. “Use the Touch of the Dragon, or the Phoenix Claw or whatever!”

She punches him hard in the gut, twice. It causes Quentin to retch, but no tick comes out. Finally, Quentin says, “Quit hitting me! I guess we go to town and try to find a doctor.”

Getting the Doc

Guadalupe heads into town ahead of everyone else, to try and find the town doctor. She finds someone at the bar who directs her to go find Doctor Mathis.

The Dr brings back some snake oil to the camp where everyone is staying. Quentin sucks it down and begins vomiting. The doc gives him a bottle and he eventually vomits the tick into the bottle.

Taking Everyone Back In

We walk everyone back into town, Everett marches them directly to the town square in order to claim credit for their rescue.

Yun and Todd notice that the Sheriff is looking on and he seems very angry.

Everett gives a speech in front of everyone that we did a great thing. The entire town cheers and throws their hats in the air.


The Sheriff

During the speech, the sheriff begins moving through the crowd toward Quentin. Yun, taking the initiative, sneaks over to the sheriff and hits him over the head with her club. In one universe, the sheriff’s head explodes, showering the crowd with gore. But in this universe, he takes a slight hit to the head and becomes suggestible from the power of the club.

Yun tells him to head home, and he begins leading his deputies away.

Talking with LuEllen

She is pleased with our success and tells us that she’s got some new information for us. She takes us to another bar, The Rusty Mug, and tells us of an interaction with TC Brady.

Apparently, TC was talking to a portly man with green eyes and grey hair. He spoke of “expanding into New Mexico”.

We show her the club with the symbol on it and she takes a rubbing, saying that she thinks she knows the symbol.

Plans for next time

  • Take the letters we recovered from the camp and confront TC Brady with it.
  • How can we figure out where TC Brady’s key fits?



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