Calamity in Cahoots

What the heck is with these zombies

We rifle through the zombie’s corpse and find $5 and a madonna icon, and a pistol

We head to the ranch owner’s house and demand to see him, but he’s not there. We ask to see his wife, who is there, but the maid takes too long and people get antsy.

Quintin tries to sneak around and runs into the cook in the kitchen, who chastises him and throws a spoon at him.

Todd and Everett sneak around and look for evidence. Yun also sneaks around, but fails miserably and goes back into the kitchen, where the cook again throws a spoon, but hits her really well, and shakes her. She fails to succeed at spirit and remains shaken (twice)

Todd and Quentin while sneaking around, head into the bedroom where the lady of the house is getting ready, surprising her and pissing off the maid. They explain the situation, and she gives them permission to investigate the situation, while fainting and crying out for the vapors.

They go down to the office where the lady opens up some drawers for them, they find a strange looking key with the ranch brand as the key handle.

They talk to the ranch hands once they come in for lunch, and warn them about the disease and to watch out, but they find that one of the hands, Chris, failed to come in for lunch – and his pasture is adjacent to Earnest’s. They ride out to the pasture to look for him and find several bad looking zombie cows!

They kill the zombie cows with some very good shots, and nearby find Chris crying out. They find him nearby with a big bite taken out of him. Todd assesses his status, finds out that a cow bit him, and shoots him in the back of the head.

Back in Town

Causing a ruckus

  • Quentin and Yun go to the Tick Spot to cause some trouble
  • We want to be rude so we get kidnapped
  • Quentin bangs on the piano and howls
  • Eventually, Quentin gets thrown out.
  • Yun powers up and pulls the piano over on its side. She is told to leave, and then jumps out a window, smashing it.

Finding the cow

  • We head to the cattleyard at the train to research the cow ear tag
  • Quentin smoothly tosses the tag onto the book of a cattle accountant, who is more annoyed than anything that he was interrupted.
  • We learn that T.C. Brady is the only man in town with enough cattle to match the ear tag number.
  • We go to T.C. Brady’s house to meet him, but can only find his wife.

We found a zombie out eating a cow on the ground. We killed it and then burned the cow

What's in the Mill?

The party spotted something during the night, and ran out to investigate. They found a horrible odor, and a zombie cow wandering around the town. It ambled out of town without hurting anyone, so they left it alone.

The next day they set out for the mill, where all the people disappeared. Along the way they saw the zombie cow again, and set out to demolish it, although they were kind of freaked out by its zombieness.

They headed into the mill and found it left like the people just up and abandoned it one day, nothing put away, grain still being ground down by the windmill. Todd found a path set out from the mill.

They follow the path past a marker that this is indian territory, and follow a branch of the trail. Going through a forest, they notice a clearing up ahead, and Yun stealths her way up to see what’s there, and sees an indian hunting camp. While sneaking back, she is followed, but doesn’t notice. Todd notices, and after walking away for a bit, tries to turn and talk to him. Everett casts speak language, and begins a conversation.

The brave comes out when they agree to holster their weapons. They ask about the mill workers, and he asks why they would care about those people. They explain they only want to find their people and remove them from indian land, he says that they probably were killed if they went past the border marker.

Flat Meadows
Who is Cannary?

Crew meets with Ms. Cannary, who leads them to believe that something just isn’t right in Flat Meadows. Once just an outpost for Cattle Traders, Flat Meadows has developed rapidly over the past few years becoming one of the larger settlements just south of the Sioux Nation in Wyoming. They have now everything a decent city could boast: coopers, barbers, gunsmiths – even a fancy saloon powered by New Science.

Despite prosperity, not all have been able to enjoy it. there have been mysterious disappearances starting from about a year back. The first vanishing act was rather large – the entire crew at Mulligan’s Mill. since then Cannary suggests that there have been occasionally disappearances, usually from involving persons that are causing unrest.

*Crew stays at Tick’s Spot – owned by Bill Snetterly renovated 1.5 years ago

  • Quinton challenges and beats local card sharp, Bob Dogherty
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