Welcome to the Weird West, where the history is not our own…

It’s been nearly two decades since the Civil War started in 1861. The battles raged, seeding the land with the blood of fallen brothers. ‘Twas the beginnin’ of our young Nation’s darkest hour.

In 1868 the Devil himself saw fit to join the fight. Many folk thought it the second coming — rapture — with the land fracturing like the war-torn nation’s heart. The earth opening its maw to devour, breathing hauntin’ vapors that danced like smoke off a fired six-iron. But leave it to man to tame the Devil, for soon the newly unveiled miracle mineral “ghost rock” would change the war and the West.

Now it’s 1876 and what once was a fledgling nation full of promise and hope now holds uncertainty. Be them Shawman, fancy man, tenderfoot, or cowpoke — everyone in the West cannot shake a looming sense of dread. Folks back east, both Blue and Gray, have heard stories to raise the hackles. But what lies out in that untamed western expanse where legends are made with tales so tall they disappear in the clouds?

Calamity in Cahoots

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