Calamity in Cahoots

Head to the Ghost Rock mines

Heading towards the ghost rock mines in sioux territory to try to see if there are any kidnapped people working in the mines, who they lease-ish to other people.

Todd is looking through TC Brady’s papers and finds the name Cloud Eagle Run.

Most of the party takes the train (yun rides her horse). They arrive, Todd mentions Cloud Eagle Run’s name, and they are ushered towards a carriage after giving all their names (Quentin gives a fake name)

They arrive at a mining shanty town. Todd asked about talking with Cloud Eagle Run, who was a boss there. He talked to him privately and said that he worked with the US Govt and wanted to ask about Brady, who might be doing some illicit dealings. Cloud Eagle Run said he had good security but would keep an eye out for Brady.

The mine didn’t look like it was related to the missing people from what they could tell, the workers they saw didn’t look kidnapped.

On the train ride back, Todd thought he saw a zombie, and everyone on the train jumped off after he convinced the conductor to stop the train. They searched around for a zombie, but didn’t find one, because as Everett pointed out, it was actually an indian brave. They followed the tracks and found an indian brave who popped out from the trail.



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