Calamity in Cahoots

Still in the Camp

As we’re escaping from the tent, Yun is nearly spotted. She sees that it’s the winner of the contest in the circle and someone else.

The Letters

Todd Carver looks through the letters and finds some interesting tidbits of information:

  • Making progress toward a greater plot
  • The experiments are going well
  • Almost enough material to affect a small populace
  • Increases in the range and magnitude

Back to the Mine

At the mine, there are 10 people milling about looking at the man we left tied up. The people look very confused, staring at the man at the tree. Todd Carver approaches and tells them to get back in the mine. About half go without question. Quentin steps up and shouts, “Boss said into the mine, so get in the goddamn mine!” The rest hustle off.

We untie the gunfighter and push him in front of us into the mine. We find a young woman and Guadalupe and Everett cast dispel on her, clearing her mind of the controlling powers. She collapses to the ground in fear. Yun begins slapping her, telling her to pull it together and get on her feet. Surprisingly, she does get up. We escort her out and learn that she is Anne Smarts, sister of Clara Smarts.

Yun and Guadalupe head back into the mine. They find some corpses, causing Guadalupe to vomit from the horror. Deeper still, they find a big chunk of ghost rock and a nugget of gold.

Talking to Anne

  • Snedderly did not get along with the Mulligan, the mill owner

Back to Town

We grab all the prisoners out of the mine and start walking back to town. The plan is: We were brought in to recover these people…and here they are! We’ll walk back to town, dispelling the mind control, and we’ll walk into town with all these people.

Yun is out ahead, being sneaky, while Todd brings up the rear watching for pursuit.

Todd suddenly calls out, “We’re headed the wrong way!” He tries to get everyone to change direction. While they’re arguing, a blood tick comes out from behind and jumps onto Quentin’s face.

Quentin screams, trying to pull the tick off. Guadalupe boosts his strength, allowing him to partially pull it off. He runs toward Yun, begging her to cut it off him. She turns around, pulling her whip. Quentin stops short, screaming “What are you doing?!?!?!” Before he can react, she lashes out with the whip and hits the tick square on its back. It manages to hold on and finally crawl into Quentin’s mouth and down his throat.

Two more ticks jump onto Yun, climbing up her chest. In response, Quentin fires two bolts directly at the ticks, killing them both. “THAT’S HOW YOU DO IT, GODDAMIT!”, Quentin yells at her.

Todd hands Quentin a bottle of booze and Quentin begins chugging it, trying to drown and/or kill the tick in his gullet. Todd then runs toward the tick nest and pours the rest of his booze on it.

Guadalupe conjures a whirlwind to pull all the ticks out of the nest. Everyone tries to set the booze-soaked tick cloud on fire, but everyone fails many times over. Finally, Todd pulls his revolver and fires it right next to the whirlwind. The explosion ignites the alcohol, burning all the ticks, but also burning everyone else nearby.



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