Quentin Wayde

Confederate deserter trying to disappear



In a heated battle, Quentin’s company was across an open field from a Union position. The Union soldiers were entrenched with ghost-rock augmented weaponry. Canon shells were exploding all around, and Quentin and his fellow soldiers were terrified.

They started across the field and were being cut down by Union fire. Quentin secretly used his huckster power to protect himself and the men near him as they crossed. A shell exploded nearby blasting Quentin’s ears and deafening him. He stood there dazed, and realized it was suicide to continue.

He turned to run, but saw his commander, Captain Barrett, behind them shooting others who were running away. In a flash, Quentin decided his loyalty was to his fellow soldiers, not the Confederacy or the officers. Outing himself as a huckster, the demonic deck appeared in his hand and he tossed it at Barrett. His head exploded as the arcane power hit him full force in the face. At that, Quentin and his fellow soldiers took off running, deserting the field.

As he ran, he felt eyes on him. Looking back from a stand of trees on the edge of the field, he saw Barrett’s younger brother Carson kneeling next to his brother’s body. He looked up and pointed at Quentin. Although he couldn’t hear anything over the din of the battle, the message was clear. Carson wouldn’t rest until Quentin had paid for his brother’s murder.

Knowing his life in the Confederacy was over, Quentin rode the rails out west. There has to be somewhere he can disappear and live in peace.

Connection to the Reporter

Quentin has been staying ahead of Carson as they both head west. He thought he was safe and anonymous where he is, but the reporter reached out to him asking to interview someone about the front lines of the war. Quentin has to speak with him to find out how the reporter knew he was a Confederate soldier.

Practically, Quentin isn’t angry at the reporter, more just surprised that somehow he knew about Quentin’s history as a rebel soldier.

Quentin Wayde

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