Calamity in Cahoots

A Heros Welcome

Reading the letters

Quentin spends his evening poring over the letters taken from the camp.

  • They are talking about doing some kind of major occult event with the sole purpose of destroying/decimating multiple states.
  • Bill Snedderly is involved.
  • Some type of Indian pact is also involved.

The Locksmith

We head to a local smith with the idea of trying to get him to fabricate a copy of TC Brady’s key. We ask him for 2 copies: one that’s an exact copy, and one that looks close but won’t actually work. After seeing the key, the locksmith immediately seems suspicious. We try to convince him, but he is really scared about the key. He knows something is weird about it. So, we retreat and head over to the Tick Spot.

Back to The Tick Spot

We head back to The Tick Spot to confront Bill Snedderly, since he was mentioned in the letters. We slam the key down on the bar and accuse him of being in cahoots with TC Brady. From behind the bar, Snedderly pulls two peacemakers and starts shooting.

Quentin goes down quick, taking a shot and collapsing over the bar. Everett runs for the door, then once outside turns around and casts fear on the entire bar. The spell panics Snedderly who runs for the back door.

Yun follows Snedderly and uses her whip and fists to bring him down. Once on the ground, she subdues him.


  • With Unconscious Snedderly – Want to learn about the key and TC Brady.
    • Everett – wants to get a lock of Snedderly’s hair.
    • Perhaps Todd Carver can interrogate him
    • Search Snedderly’s things to see if we can find any clues.
  • Yun: Clear out the mining camp, free everyone else, kill the slavers, and burn the buildings down.



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