Calamity in Cahoots

Moving Forward

A quick review

  • Connors is back in town (beast of a wife, installed a bunch of ghost rock equipment in the Tick Spot)
  • Smithson Warriors – Performing an arcane/occult ritual sometime soon.
  • Rescued people from the mine. The camp was well guarded, so we haven’t rescued the people from the camp.
  • Laboratory – Discovered there were several interesting metal alloys.
  • The Indians were involved in some way, as the mine was in their territory. (Sioux Territory)
    • The Indians had the staff with the circular symbol, we think they’re somehow involved.
  • We have TC Brady captive. He’s heavily wounded, not doing well.
  • Yun had some drinks with the Sheriff and some deputies.

Next steps

Tracing the ghost rock
  • Interrogate some of the people from the mine to figure out the ghost rock destination
  • Loaded the ghost rock onto wagons, mine workers wouldn’t see it after it got loaded.
  • Hooded and robed men would leave the camp with it. They went south, towards Flat Meadows and the railroad.
  • Was there anyone from town that you recognize?
    • “One of them sounded like TC Brady, but I wouldn’t bet my life on it.”
Tracking the wagons leaving camp
  • Yun wants to head to the camp and then use tracking to find the ruts from the wagon wheels leaving the camp. She can track the trail of wagons leaving the camp and figure out where they went.
  • We’ll head back to the camp, scout it out, and attempt to rescue the other villagers.
The Camp
  • There seems to be significantly fewer people.
  • The townsfolk people are no longer there, but the robed cultists are still around.
  • Yun decides to sneak in and try to steal some robes. She brings some back, and Todd and Quentin put some on.
  • We search around the camp, especially in the main office tent.
  • Everett pops the lock to open the chest, pulling out a sealed letter. He hands it off to Todd Carver, who opens it and begins to decrypt its cyphered contents.
  • Todd decrypts the letter:
    • The location on the front is TB Mining in Santa Fe, NM
    • The letter is address to Conners
    • It says the mining operation has been compromised, and they’re getting ready to pack it up and leave.
    • Quentin has the idea: What if we write our own letter to send to Conners? We can pretend to be the bearers of the news.
Interrogating TC Brady (for the future)
  • Hit him with the club? See if that loosens his tongue.
  • We already accused him of transporting it to Salt Lake, he laughed at us.
  • Where is the ghost rock going?
  • Where/when is the ritual?
  • What is the outcome of the ritual?
  • Who are you working with?



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