Calamity in Cahoots

Talking to Bill

What does he know?

Todd Carver begins interrogating Bill Snedderly. He learns that some men come in and pay him ghost rock to allow them to meet in his bar, but otherwise, Snedderly is obstinate.

Carver gets tired of Bill’s refusals. He mixes a drink with some ghost rock and whiskey and sets it next to Bill. That makes him a lot more willing to talk. He admits that one of the masked men is TC Brady and the rest wear grey, gunmetal masks.

Meanwhile, on the trail…

Guadelupe is on the trail back toward the camp where the prisoners were held. Off in the distance, she sees something headed their way. Oh no! It’s a swarm of giant bats.

She and her posse kill the bats, but a tremor alerts her that something else is wrong. She grabs her horse and runs towards town!

Back in the saloon

Carver forces Snedderly to take us into a back room, and Carver notices a section of wall that is different. Investigating a suspicious section of well, we find a secret keyhole and a shaped impression. Imprinting the club handle on the impression and putting the key in the hole, we open a secret door to a laboratory.

We investigate the lab, but are too ignorant to understand any of it. Carver takes a few samples of things to get analyzed. We tie up Snedderly and put him in the lab for safekeeping.

We head to a local apothecary to get some help with identifying the items we took from the lab. He identifies a lot of the metal as “strange”, saying that while it resembles normal metals they don’t react the same as normal metal.

We finally decide to just head out and confront TC Brady, but on the way, we run into Guadalupe, and she’s being chased by a Rattler (ie. the giant worm from Tremors).



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